Amy D Coaching


Money Magnet Coaching

Are you constantly going between feast and famine with no consistency?  Are you too busy to keep up with your current business yet not busy enough to hire an assistant?  Do you want to take your successful business and push it to the next level?  Coaching can help you through accountability, improved decision making, deeper understanding of your business,  improved goal setting and faster achievement of goals.  Sign up to start your 1:1 coaching today!

How To Thrive Your First Year of Real Estate

So…you got your Real Estate license…NOW  WHAT?!  How to Thrive Your First Year in Real Estate is the ultimate beginner guide dedicated to you.  Are you a new real estate professional and just don’t know where to start?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?   We created this course to teach you step by step how to build your business.   A career in real estate can be a rich and rewarding experience.  Don’t just survive in this business…THRIVE!

Get Off The Cash Flow Roller Coaster

Are you tired of wondering when your finances are going to improve? Have you ever received a huge commission check and you were unsure what to do with it because you weren’t sure how long it would last? Are you unable to invest in your business or marketing plan because you lack consistent, predictable cash flow? Get off the cash flow roller coaster and become a money magnet! Learn simple shifts in your thinking that can transform your real estate career. Start achieving better results not only for you and and your family, but also for the clients you serve!