Amy D Coaching

Meet Amy D.

Amy Donaldson is a real estate coach, author, public speaker and award winning real estate agent.

Amy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2000 where she currently resides.  While not working, she dedicates her time to being a mother and enjoying her rescue dog.  She is very active and enjoys fitness activities such as running, weight lifting, and stair racing.  Amy is also a black belt in Taekwondo and believes that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.    

She started her real estate career as a single mother in 2006 completely unaware that it was the beginning of the worst real estate market downturn in recent history.  She had to quickly learn how to be successful in the industry so that she could support herself and her son.  In order to do this, she watched and learned from other successful agents, and by 2010 she had obtained her Principal Broker license.  This enabled her to build her own team, and in 2012 had built a highly successful team of quality real estate agents.  In 2014, she was asked to teach the pre-license broker courses at the local community college.  By 2015 she was asked to serve as the director for the mentorship program and as a Reviewing Broker at one of the largest and fastest growing brokerages in the Pacific Northwest. 

Amy knew from a very early age that coaching and inspiring others was what she was meant to do.  During her time as a reviewing broker, it became clear to Amy that she had something very valuable to offer.  Her unique perspective and problem solving abilities has helped hundreds of agents navigate very difficult situations.

As a coach, she teaches agents how to look at their business as a business; and how to run the business rather than letting the business run them.  

As a motivational public speaker, Amy uses humor and her own real life experiences to command the attention of her audiences.  She will bring you to tears, and then make you laugh, then terrify you and eventually teach you that you are far more capable than you ever realized. Amy applies her own real life experiences to all aspects of her teaching, coaching, and public speaking. Her support of her students and clients is unmatched. 

Author: “Get Off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster; A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Becoming a Money Magnet”

Coach/Founder: Amy D. Coaching

Owner/Founder:  Elite Home Team NW

Member:  RMLS, PMAR, OAR, NAR, and Arello Certified Distance Education Instructor

President’s Circle Award Winner:  2016 and 2017